Low T Program For Her

Our program goes beyond temporary diets by addressing the root causes. Through hormonal optimization, say goodbye to short-term fixes and embrace lasting results that enhance your vitality.

Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms

Low testosterone in women often leads to depression, discomfort, diminished libido, and weight gain. These symptoms can be misattributed to other, more prevalent female hormones.

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Low T – A Red Flag


General Body

Diminished muscle mass and strength, unwanted weight gain, declining libido, hot flashes and palpitations, thinning hair.


Emotional Effects

Depression, diminished overall well-being, low self-esteem, impaired concentration, lacking drive.


Sexual Health

Vaginal and bladder concerns, irregular periods, heavy or painful periods, spotting between periods, sexual dysfunction.


Low T Risks

Risk of osteoporosis, diminished insulin sensitivity, impaired glucose tolerance, elevated cholesterol levels, sarcopenia susceptibility.

Discovering Testosterone Benefits for Women

For more than eight decades, testosterone has served women by alleviating perimenopause and menopause symptoms. Traditionally linked to masculinity and male sexual function, androgen impacts on women often went unnoticed. However, androgens are essential – shaping reproductive function, hormonal equilibrium, and serving as vital building blocks for estrogen synthesis.

What's the cost

Transparent pricing, swift delivery, and exceptional quality. Our holistic female body enhancement program encompasses these aspects and more: collaborate with an IAM physician, receive continuous assistance via the patient portal (encrypted messaging, access to lab results, personalized tweaks). Our comprehensive hormone therapy package offers all essentials for at-home care, including alcohol prep swabs. Secure your spot within 24 hours, and upon approval, experience transformation within 3-5 days through partnered pharmacies across the nation, accompanied by precise tracking.



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How IAM Works

Take the reins of your health journey and redefine your life narrative through IAM. Our healthcare method is tailored around you, integrating comprehensive lab assessments, individualized medical attention, and seamless treatment dispatch. All customized to fit your unique needs. With a commitment to accessible and budget-conscious healthcare, your focus remains on what truly counts: your well-being and vitality. Join IAM now and embark on a path to a healthier, happier you!

Health Baseline

The journey begins. We delve deep, measuring essential biomarkers that lay the groundwork for your health journey.

Your Story, Our Priority

We’re dedicated to your story. Our understanding clinicians lend an ear, review your medical history, and meticulously analyze your lab findings. Every step ensures your voice is heard and your needs recognized.

Swift Wellness Arrival

Life moves swiftly, and we understand that. Why queue at the pharmacy? Our tailored treatment plan arrives at your doorstep, in 3-5 days. The care you need, delivered with convenience and a smile.

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