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Feel healthy, vibrant, and sexy at any age. And it starts with simple tests with a free clinical evaluation with one of the IAMs HRT specialists.

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We, the patients, fully understand how difficult hormone imbalance can be. And likely even more so than our physicians regarding what is happening with our bodies and mind. The patient knows their body better than anyone.

Illinois Alternative Medicine (IAM) only works with the top clinicians and caregivers in the industry, ensuring nothing but the best treatment options anywhere in the country. All at affordable cost and without monthly memberships, subscriptions, or binding contracts.

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Initiate your IAM visit online. It’s quick and easy. We need some information from you to get you started, and it is entirely safe.

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Begin with a comprehensive baseline of your fundamental biomarkers. We accept health insurance for lab diagnostics.

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Our clinicians will listen to you about your symptoms, review your medical history, and check the lab diagnostic results.

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We understand this. So, no uncomfortable pharmacy pickups; your treatment is delivered straight to your door with FedEx.

Feel healthy, vibrant, and sexy at any age

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